Ask & Receive

kong_hee“Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge

my territory, that Your hand would be with me,

and that You would keep me from evil…” ~ 1 Chronicles 4:10


One of the reasons Jabez was anointed and blessed by God is because he had a holy dissatisfaction. Jabez was not satisfied with what he had. He wanted something more from God, so he prayed earnestly, “God, please bless me!”

Sometimes, we are very good at praying for others, but afraid to pray for ourselves! Maybe we’re afraid to be disappointed. Or maybe we’ve been told before that it would be selfish if we pray for our own blessing.

No, no, no, friend. God wants to bless you! And if you want something more in your life, you’ve got to ask God for it. The Bible says, “You receive not because you ask not.” Jesus says, “Ask, and you shall receive that your joy may be full.” Jabez prayed, “God, please bless me in my life.” He prayed for God to enlarge his territory. Then he said, “God, please let Your hand be upon me.” The hand of God in the Bible always speaks of His power and His presence. In essence, he was saying, “God, I want more of your power! I want more of your presence!”

Do you want God to move more in and through you? Don’t keep your dreams inside. Share them with God today, and experience more of His power and presence!


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