Culture Mandate

My name is Steevan, and my father is Maniam Jesudason, and my mother name is Kristhukany. I belong to a Christian family. My father commenced his divine service in the year 1983 at the hill country region of Sri Lanka.

My Dad & me 1991

My father, having lost everything for the sake of Lord Jesus, started his divine service only in the hope of getting relief from god. He carries on this service for the last 30 years, ignoring the material gains. He married in the year 1990, and I was born in 1991 and was named as Steevan as by the will of god. I was devoted for the service of god.

Since my childhood, I have been observing the religious service activities. I was aware and mindful of our poverty-stricken family improving in the course of my life. My father was a strict person. He guided my life in following god’s path, taking much concern in my character as I was in the focus of the congregation of the church. Little by little I was used by my father in the church activities.
My brother and I were much interested in watching the TV and viewing the Tamil films and listening to songs. Our enthusiasm in this entertainment increased rapidly, in association with my friends. As a result, I was able to learn the worldly wisdom and trends and gained experience as to how to face the society. But my father, noticing my interest in this manner, strictly told me not to view the Tamil films.

This is not all. I showed interested in visiting in the cinema halls to see the films. In fact, I had not gone to the cinema halls previously, even when I request my father to take me to the cinema halls, he had refused. When there were arrangements to see the children’s film through the school management my father did not allow me to go to cinema halls. He was of the opinion that visiting the cinema halls is a sin. On the other hand, my interested in visiting the cinema halls gradually increased.
In the process of my growing up in age, I had to face restrictions daily, in view of my position as the son of a pastor. He objected everything that I was doing. Consequently, my conviction in Christianity gradually began to decline. But I did not reveal this change in my outlook.
Not only this. While studying in the school, my fellow students and teachers looked at me in a different way and they were ridiculing at me. As a result, my interest in following the education was decreasing. The question as to, “what is Christianity?” arose in my mind. Why the people are showing hatred on me? How is that, while the followers of other religions could indulge in everything, but we have been prohibited from taking or seeing them? This question drove me away from god.

During this time, I observed a family, who use to attend our church, they dressed in brand new and modern costumes and moving with the others in a simple manner. But the church, without appreciating their movements and encouraging them to project themselves in Christian path, criticized them. It was nothing wrong, but the said family was adopting a way of life as most of the people in the world were doing. Due to this criticism, they left from the Christianity after a few days. I was monitoring all these matters, but I could not help that family, as I was a small boy.

I felt that the reason for the said family to leave from Christianity was that they did not get the actual truth from the gospel and they formed a bad impression about the Christianity. The whole church was preaching to forget the mythic world and to dislike the material life. This Situation forced my mind to deviate from the thought of following Christianity.

But my interest in the material world increased day by day. Music, films, modern instruments and equipment’s, costumes and various other innovative, made an impression of admiring at the modern world. How can we reject these things in our day to day life? This question arose in my mind. Why should the church prohibit these things, which are followed in hall over the world? The church prevented us to utilize the talents given by god, and obstructed us from using them. But, I acquired the beneficial things from the world by viewing the films and listening to songs. As such, the good opinion about the church disappeared from my mind. I lost my ambition in becoming a pastor, and the dream of serving in the church.

Thus, while interest in Christianity was declining, I joined an association called, “YOUTH FOR CHRIST”. Those who were in the association were moving with me in a friendly manner. Even those who were not aware of Jesus Christ began to visit the association. I also took interest in the association, because of the admirable games and songs, which were thought provoking and caused inspiration in me. When I attended the youth camp, I was greatly impressed in their way of explaining Christ.

But the church rejected all these things. At the same time, a question arose in my mind as to why the church is rejecting these. As my needs were increasing, I wanted to achieve them. Hence, after completing my studies in the school, I secured an employment.
It was during this time, I spotted a Pastor, called Rev. KONG HEE in the television program. His way of talking and the style of his dress caused a re-visit to my earlier mental scope. I was so admired at his church and it gave an inspiration in my mind to know about his bible college. I was amazed at his thinking and the way he was fore seeing the future. Today, there are 30,000 members in his church, to whom he is functioning as the Pastor. This impact created an influence in my mind, and urged me to take up the responsibility in shouldering the purpose of the divine service, and its mission.

By the grace of God, I went to the college in March, last year. I had to pass several trials in my attempts to join that college, which was

250 Kids Participated in this Children Programme

god’s will. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I was able to understand about the contribution made by Christ in the present day’s culture, on the basis the holy gospel. I know that several friends of mine have not accepted this. They say that this is not agreeable to our culture. But I was able to understand absolutely about the explanation given by the grace of God. I felt that this divine advice is required to the youths like me.

As in manner lord Jesus Christ was showering his kindness on the aliens, I start to love the people. It was God’s will that I should share the benefits acquired by me with my fellow souls in Sri Lanka. As such I came to Sri Lanka, with that idea, but the church has not accepted me. The people did not like my dress. It was by this attitude of the people that I started to learn the importance of the divine service. Although the beginning was with a vacuum, God has shown His mercy, and helped me to transform the manner of my service. I find now that there are several changes have occurred in my service.

Fashon show @ youth camp
Participants @ youth camp



By the grace of God was able start children ministry and now it’s all about 300kidz worship every week. In last August children was only 20kids in our church but God Made everything possible. Our youth Reached about 30 unsaved youths through this Camp.
God has helped me to expand my service circle. I started to use the songs that are liked by the youth, involving with modern instruments in my service No other church has conducted the youth camp. But the God was aware of my financial difficulties, and help me to conduct the youth camp. But the God was aware of my financial, and helped me to conduct a youth camp successfully. I started to form children’s service and clubs for maintaining them. I express my whole-hearted gratitude to the Almighty God. I assert that there is a contribution by God in the present day modern Culture. The God has endowed His wonderful Power to the human beings. So, we shall create everything, and use them for our well being.




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