Ten years ago, an artist gospel packaged into pop music into Taiwan. A pastor and his church received the vision of the culture ministry, “began operating the popular culture. That artist is Ho Yeow Sun, the pastor at the church senior pastor of the New Life group Guqi Yun.

From 2002 the “Yao automatically true love” concert will now, new life has been engaged in the culture ministry, work. After a decade of hard work, many artists began to enter the church, New Life currently has over 250 artistes will know Jesus, life changing. They recognize their own mission in the entertainment industry, far more than the price of the market find its own value in the eyes of God, they are learning to win life masks, willing humility to serve people in need, and to participate in church services and campus workplace charity activities, the main witness, contacts and services for more than 650,000 young people.

Ten years after, new life CHURCH walked “the Jesus Fashion (Jesus fashion) era. To put it simply, “Jesus fashion is through the culture ministry, correcting popular culture connotation, transformed the values ​​of the public. Wave movement of one of the founders of the New Life group Church Pastor Hong Lihui said: “Jesus Fashion is to let Jesus lead the popular culture to become truly mainstream culture!”

She said that the next decade is the continuation of the first decade of the work done in human history, the best harvest opportunity, we’re just going to seize the opportunity to rescue the soul. Jesus Fashion kingdom promised land, planting and harvest platform , how kind of you will be how to close, than you could think over the next decade, the church will be big mission, the culture ministry, and great commandment all integrated fashion platform in Jesus, we can and upright do God children enter the world, was the person, such as fish, luminescence for Jesus! ”

According to the new life online reports, the Senior Pastor Gu Qiyun said “Jesus Fashion Fashion (trend) is to boost the mission, to be the most effective platform in the last generation to quickly lead people to Christ! Secondly, we must take Jesus made Fashion, Fashion elements should be the true God of the Trinity, and the truth, the universal values ​​of the Bible, is the objective and subjective experience. “He also encourages everyone up to become a fashion spokesperson of Jesus,” the change of generations, often changed by ‘a person’ you would be willing to become that person? not only the general public, to be like Jesus, into the world, for the world dedicated to become the salt and light of the world! ”
For admission is one of the performers for the concert.
The mainstream back to the main body
A few days ago, the famous singer that Rachel and creative artists who came to Chen Wei full City Harvest Church held the top five Lele – Rachel & Chen Wei Concert accepted the visit of City News, and reporter talked about Jesus fashion movement.

Rachel Liang explained that Jesus Fashion To mainstream back to the main body. “I work and where the environment is the people of the so-called popular and mainstream, I think all the source is from the Lord, Jesus Fashion is to let you know all of the pop culture, all creativity comes from God to me In addition to this, I think that attitude as an artist is not really do the disciples of Jesus with a humble heart () If the source is Jesus, that is not Jesus, how do you so do it? you to follow Him as His disciples, learning to be like Jesus, to Jesus Fashion this thing to take out. ”

In their own workplace that how to bring out the Jesus fashion? “For me really want to be ready to yourself, it is very important, because you can not get past the grace with you with grace now and then look forward to the next grace is eternal stream continuously The Bible says we can do greater things than Jesus, there are preachers and I said Jesus used to go, now we have the aircraft can go more places, to help more people. Coupled not the same way, a wide variety, a lot of people have their own expertise to serve God. ”
Famous singer that Rachel and creative artists who came to Chen Wei full City Harvest Church held the top five Lele – Rachel & Chen Wei Concert accepted the visit of City News, and reporter talked about Jesus fashion movement.
The Jesus Fashion origin from City Harvest Church
Chen Wei said, “In fact, the origin of Jesus Fashion from City Harvest Church when Yao Shan her cross-border, cross-border to a Christian, a wife’s identity. Why Straddling? I think it is very important influence God created all things, all influence should be from God so, basically, we read the Bible, so I think the Yao Shan’s time to do a thing should not believe that the influence is outside influence back to Church, but should taken outside by the church because the church is God taught, so we should this influence take out the recent years in fact the Yao Shan made things affect our church very much, so we then have Jesus Fashion this idea of ​​the real-Jesus of Fashion. ”

That Jesus fashion want to achieve, what is it? “Jesus Fashion is to express our lives shape by Jesus, we are following the footsteps of Jesus to do things you know basketball player Jeremy Lin each time out about Jesus, the results of every one of the reports are about Jesus that this is a Fashion, live Jesus in our lives. Fashion is more obvious when you more like Jesus, we encourage everyone to become a spokesperson of Jesus Fashion is this like the life is to live in their own lives.

In this process, which, Jesus Fashion to help a lot of people, and let them see that in fact we do not completely, because Jesus changes us (today) we can. When we put this information into their lives when, in fact, doing the things Jesus Fashion. ‘

“A lot of things are not with speaking, but to live out and I think Christian’s biggest advantage is his lifestyle he is not in the church look like outside, but in the church look to the outside, very real. workplace influence sometimes not able to control, you see (need) to pray for him and bless him, encourage him, so put the seeds planted inside I think the influence not from yourself, but from Jesus, but you’re going to Jesus with co-workers. ”

The Jesus the fashion first wave of activity is the new life to be held on 28-29 April “Jesus Fashion handicapping concert.” Concert performances lineup combined with Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan artists and groups, singing and dancing to the young people to express to God how rich and colorful. The famous idols big mouth, that Rachel, Eric, Landy, this September, IO Orchestra, from the performances of the singer, former South Korean U-KISS frontman Alexander Korea Third Wave Orchestra (3WAVE), plus South Korea girlhood dance teacher Song Enzhen South Korea’s first dance day mission Mentor dance performances in addition to the young people so that the presence of “high earthshaking, but also to appreciate the stage artist crazy love of Jesus. The iChange fashion show in theater, dance, catwalk expression of God’s creative and redemptive plan. Two days four concert down, a total of more than ten thousand people participated, and more than 3 thousand 500 people decided to believe in Jesus!

Gu Qiyun pastor said, “from now on will be another decade, this is not an activity, but opened the prelude to the movement Jesus fashion fever will last! ‘Jesus Fashion is to let Jesus become popular!'”


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